Our quality assurance team implements a world class health and safety policy very rigorously.

The Health and Safety policy comes at the forefront of all our service units. We take active steps to reduce our carbon footprint and support the existing infrastructures of the communities in which we operate.

Accessible Care Services has a commitment to adding qualified staff to its ranks. Graduate Trainee programs actively recruit the young and the brightest minds from across the world along with experienced candidates. All employment practices are regulated to ensure the highest levels of transparency and conformance with the best practices.

In line with the stake holder’s community interests, all efforts to improve the service levels of Accessible Care Services take place on a constant basis.

Live-in Support
Live-in support is unique in the sense that young people in need of assistance receive professional help at our various hostels where they reside. All our hostels are manned 24 hours by qualified support workers and CCTV cameras.

All our adult residents in our hostels are offered opportunities for funded vocational training in-house or nearby community colleges.

More Information about our Live-In Support Workers
Accessible Care Services is an independent body, as a result all services are offered purely for the benefit of our service users and their families. Feel free to contact our team with any queries that you may have about our Live-In services.