Our Services

Our team work with young people with challenging behaviours, learning and physical disabilities.  We provide care for elderly people who have old age related conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. This is facilitated through the provision of a comfortable living environment where we can meet their needs. In addition, we Provide safe and secured accommodation and support for pregnant teenagers, young parents and their babies.

Our service delivery can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Young adults in supported living accommodation
  • Teenage Mothers
  • Elderly people with dementia
  • People with learning and physical disabilities.
  • Domiciliary care services

Young adults in supported living accommodation

We are dedicated to helping young people identify and realise their full potential and plan for a successful future. We have a variety of accommodation based schemes, including accommodation for 16-25 years old, as well as floating support services which provide young people the secure foundation and support they need to make the successful move to adulthood.
Our teams help young people to identify their goals – such as going to college, getting a job, or living in their home and draw up a support plan with them that breaks these goals into steps that are easier to achieve.
This builds on strengths and addresses challenges such as:

  • Gaining the skills and building foundations to lead an independent life
  • Enjoying a healthy diet and life style
  • Staying safe
  • Managing money and accessing benefits
  • Personal developments, goals and aspirations

Through working with local authorities and other agencies we can support clients in finding suitable accommodation when they feel ready to move on. 

Teenage Mothers

One in four under 16s is sexually active.
Parenthood is not something many teenagers have to think about, but for those that do, Accessible is here to help.
We work with young parents aged 13-25, supporting them in balancing parenthood with their own needs, and helping them create better chances for their children.

We encourage self-expression and help young parents deal with difficult emotions by challenging feelings of loss, low self-esteem and lack of ability through supervision and self-evaluation workshops.  In all, 92% of our service users report positive result.  

Care for the elderly

Elderly People with dementia
At Accessible, we understand the challenges often inherent in supporting someone with dementia.
In reflecting this, we are committed to providing holistic, high quality, person-centred care and support to both clients and their families. Assisting someone with dementia requires both a practical understanding of the illness itself and insight into the psychological and emotional journey that often takes hold as it progresses.

We offer a different approach to care at home, focusing on creative and innovative ways for both our clients and client’s families to live well with dementia. Our highly committed team have a passion for making a difference to people lives whether with assistance around the home or personal care that is needed.
Accessible robust induction training and specialist advanced dementia programme means our team are not only high skilled but are continually mentored and supported.

Reflecting the above, dementia training is an integral part of Accessible induction programme which all new team members participate in.
In addition, recognising that dementia affects all individuals differently, Accessible provides carers supporting clients with greater levels of needs. This includes: those with challenging behaviours, depression, anxiety and increased confusion with more advanced training and specialist one -to-one input as at when this is required.

Below are some of the techniques we use to help ensure that our clients with dementia continue to live life to the full.

  • Specialist dementia team who receive comprehensive training
  • Assessments by qualified individuals
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Meaningful activities
  • Cognitive simulation therapy
  • Dietary support

Personal Care

We provide high quality personal care.
We aim to enable and empower individuals to be as independent as possible, encouraging customers to carry out activities themselves or with support.
Maintaining a person’s personal dignity is essential to us.

Independent Living

We can help you to stay in your own home and in control of your life.
We work with other organisations to advice and support you in finding the right place for you to live.


As individuals, we are often defined by what job we do.
Employment gives us self-confidence and a feeling of being valued.
We support and provide information to young people who may be looking for work, either paid or voluntary to help increase their independence.


Accessible can help you access leisure clubs which aims to enable people with learning disabilities to meet in a relaxed, safe and non-threatening environment, enjoy interaction, enjoy both individual activities and shared activities, develop further life skills and participate as widely as possible in community life and activities.