Partner with Us

Accessible Care Services actively seeks partnerships with other organizations in the pursuit of providing care services. Our focus is on young people, vulnerable adults and their families. The aim is always to provide care, support and services that will help them live as a functional member of the community.

As Strategic partner Accessible Care Services Offers:

  • The backing of an influential and well renowned charity
  • Helping disadvantaged people rehabilitate in society
  • Experience in operating supply chains and long term services
  • Localised delivery of service that is bound to yield results
  • Enhancement to the perceived value of partner organizations.

We work together with partner agencies that:

  • Share our passion and value to support young people and vulnerable adults
  • Add value and expertise to improve outcomes for young people and vulnerable adults
  • Ensure the delivery of the best ‘value for money’

Turning Young Lives around

Helping individuals realise their potential is very rewarding. This makes working with us a very special choice as you get a chance to bring a change directly.


Privacy Policy

Our Commitment towards Privacy

Accessible Care Services is registered with the office of the Information Commissioner under the Date Protection Act 1998.

Careers with Accessible Care Services
Working with us

For the success of our programs, it is important that the people who join us are truly dedicated to the cause. The myriad of career options at Accessible Care Services are directed at supporting lives of individuals that are in immediate need. You could join us as a care worker, a locality manager or service manager. Our ranks include medical practitioners as well as people from other disciplines like administration and quality control. We offer a range of benefits to our employees in addition to a high pay scale.
Our environment is comfortable and relaxed by a design so that we retain the top talent.

Employee Benefits

With two million people in the service sector and more joining it with each passing year, the future of the industry looks bright.
We offer on the job training to our employees that increases their attractiveness both to us as well as the industry at large.

Vacancies and Contact us

It is important that the people who join our ranks have a deep need to help and care for other people. The company makes sure that it retains and attracts individuals that match its need. Our compensation package generously rewards our teams for serving others.

Accessible Care Services aims to provide care for all individuals between the ages of 16 and over who are as accessible as possible.